President’s Final Report to CCNV Annual General Meeting

Saturday September 12th 1.30pm by Zoom 2019-2020

On behalf of the CCNV 2019-2020 committee I acknowledge the contributions of many faithful servants of the Lord over the years in being part of Christian Carers Network Victoria in supporting those working with ones with trauma- be it to equip, educate or empower.

Areas covered have included supporting counsellors and carers, creative therapies, leading workshops on training days, providing hospitality, serving at the registration table, running conferences, labouring over constitutional updates, leading worship, providing prophetic encouragement, being there for mutual support and fellowship when it’s often been the “road less-travelled”, pioneering unchartered waters in this journey of restoring fragile pieces of lives shattered by trauma in its many shades of darkness.

Many thanks and appreciation to the retiring committee… Sharon Tromp as Secretary, Patricia Hutchinson Vice-President, Helen Mathewson Treasurer, Wayne Phillingham (ordinary member) and supported by Wayne’s wife Deanne and Robyn Day helping where needed on the day. The committee thanks all those past and present for the special days we have participated over the years.

This past twelve months we held two meetings before the pandemic restrictions shut down all public gatherings. On November 30th we met for worship, sharing, praying for one another with “Being Refreshed in His Presence” at Beth Tephillah, Williamstown North with Mal and Diana Dow. Here we also met Irena Bomford and then later in February 2020 (Nunawading) Irena was invited to share her personal journey in working in the Courts of Heaven and the generational impact in bringing healing and restoration to broken lives.

We acknowledge Wendy Hayes and her journey with Revive Ministries and establishing the Revive Healing Centre in Bundoora. Wendy shared on several occasions in recent years of her work with Heart Sync and introducing us to Michael Schaeffer and his online teaching with the Immanuel Approach. Wendy with her prayer team, has been a real blessing to CCNV and we bless her in her ongoing journey to provide training, ministry resources and retreats for pastor/leaders needing a safe place to be revived…

We acknowledge the pioneer work of Monica Peers in establishing and leading Christian Carers Network Victoria, initially under the umbrella of Health Care For Christ in 1998 as CCN (Christian Carers Network)and then incorporated as CCNV (Christian Carers Network Victoria) in 2011 as a Christian not-for-profit support organisation.

There were times of difficult personal challenges and Monica was able to step aside as Sharon Tromp led the committee for a season prior to the present one. Ellie encouraged and inspired us with her testimony as a survivor, penning insights and struggles in her book “Unveiled Heart”. We celebrate her life in Christ and the freedom she now enjoys with Him!

We acknowledge the faithfulness of Dianne Johnson in her administration capacity in those early years and continuing to support new committees, for speakers such as John Darnall, and generosity of those who gave much support whether financially or in hospitality as with Lois and Stuart Barry in their home near Lysterfield.

We give thanks to our wonderful Father in heaven in this season where we do see Him at work with growing awareness both in the body of Christ and the wider medical and health communities relating to the impact of childhood abuse and adult trauma issues. However, there is still much ignorance and resistance to knowing and understanding how God is able to bring true and lasting healing to fragmented souls and other trauma-related issues and not just be managed. However, we also have an emerging crisis in mental health issues likely to overwhelm many in the aftermath of the present lockdowns in Victoria and its impact in slowing a national recovery. The threat of a crippled economy with the permanent closure of many small businesses is wreaking much havoc and a devastating flow on effect in job losses, suicides, family breakups…

Nethertheless, we are called to look up, to stand in the gap, yet embrace God’s hand of judgment and justice in bringing about His kingdom purposes as lives are certainly being stripped and shaken, individuals and communities experiencing much heartache and upheaval on many fronts. Much prayer is needed and being mobilised for Victoria, repentance, declarations of blessings lest the enemy take more ground in what God is allowing for His redemptive purposes. God is good, He is righteous, He is holy, and He is doing a new cleansing, refining work amongst His remnant people who hold onto Him through the wind, the fire, and the storm….

The Church will look different as we emerge the other side, with many prophetic insights heralding a new day, glimpses of glory, a great harvest of souls… but there is a sound of an alarm, the need for a remnant to rise up, a war to win, a work to restore the breaches…

Those who have laboured previously on the frontline have much to give in strengthening the Body of Christ in this season. It is a crucial time to press into the Father, to rise in

worship, wounded soldiers be healed, hearts restored and in unity take up their God-given authority to push back on the enemy, and be His triumphant Bride!.

We have forged enduring friendships over the years which builds a caring network God is able to still use amongst His people. This is good, possibly unique, and deeply appreciated amongst those often isolated due to the nature of their calling to minister to the very broken… and is to be treasured.

It is now proposed that Christian Carer’s Network Victoria be brought to a close, recognising that it has fulfilled its role as a legal Incorporated Association with its formal roles and responsibilities. However, we remain connected in our Kingdom mandate and membership with a heart to gather for fellowship and encouragement on the journey as given opportunity.

May we all continue to grow in Him, walk in humble obedience, and with timely provision for every need. May we each fulfil the call on our lives with endurance for the “joy in the morning”….His coming glorious Kingdom Age.

Shalom blessings, Felicity Reid (President)

2020 Kingdom reset!

Our CCNV AGM was held Saturday September 12th by Zoom. 

A resolution put forward by the committee to cancel CCNV was voted on and carried by the membership. 

Our President's Report is adjacent to bring clarification and looking ahead.. 

This website will expire at end of month but if you want to remain connected we will maintain a kingdom connection for catching up occasionally etc. 

The facebook page will continue until end of year to allow anyone interested to forward email etc. and then review what's best option for those wanting to keep in touch.

Take care, stay safe.

Shalom blessings

Felicity (past president)