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As Christian Carers Network Victoria, our vision is to provide a forum to equip, educate and empower you as you work with, support, and/or care for those impacted by trauma and its related disorders.

There are many spiritual dynamics arising in this healing journey, and as the Lord reveals more of His ways to His people,

we have the privilege of working alongside Him in sharing together what each is gleaning on this journey and remaining and growing in wholeness ourselves.

There is growing and deepening awareness of the challenges for those working long term with, and supporting survivors severely impacted by horrific traumatic experiences... i.e. burnout and compassion fatigue, both within the professional medical / counselling & mental health services, and the Christian Counselling and pastoral & healing prayer ministries within the Body of Christ.

More and more we see the need to support those

"committed to the front line" ... facilitators of the healing journey for these "special ones" as the Lord puts them back together...

being the "very-broken" and the "very needy".

Our Association is a Christian support network.

We welcome your input and feedback relating to your own journey and how we might better support you, in being more effective in our role.

Upcoming events-

2020 Kingdom reset!

An AGM (by Zoom) will be announced to formalise recent committee decisions.

2019-2020 members will be contacted.

Stay safe, keep in touch if you are needing any assistance, prayer support etc. 


Wendy Hayes

Revive Ministries has some exciting developments for 2020-  

encouragement to check out our 

What's Coming Up page for more details-

we hope to see more of Wendy this year and we bless her in her new ventures...

Revive Healing Centre in Bundoora. 

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